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Why Should I Lease?

Financing is becoming increasingly important as businesses strategically invest in their networks. Many businesses now realize that how they acquire their technology solutions is just as critical as the investment decision itself.

Our leasing solutions allow optimal network management:

  • Leasing provides total financing. All costs associated with a purchase can be included in the lease including taxes, delivery and installations (if any).
  • Conserve valuable cash and credit lines by spreading the cost of technology over time, freeing up liquid assets for investment in other areas of the business
  • Accelerate the adoption of the latest technology by converting upfront investment costs into low, periodic, predictable and manageable repayments
  • Simplify the budgeting processes and leverage operating expense (OpEx) budgets to enable immediate investment
  • Protect against technology obsolescence with a financing structure that enables you to upgrade and expand your network as necessitated by your business strategy
  • Simplify technology acquisition and cash flow management by consolidating repayments of solutions, software, and services into a single payment stream
  • Leasing can offer tax savings. When properly structured, monthly lease payments may be fully tax deductible as an operating expense. This savings results in a lower after-tax equipment cost. Contact us to discuss tax advantages applicable to your specific situation.

Who Does Your Leasing?

All leasing options are handled through our leasing partners.

How does Leasing Work?

  1. Contact us to get preapproved for financing within 2 hours
  2. Select the equipment that you need to purchase
  3. Sign our plain language lease agreement
  4. We receive a PO from our leasing partner and we ship the equipment to you.
  5. You make monthly payments to our leasing partner, It's that simple!