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WatchGuard Wi-Fi Use Cases
Secure Wireless Experiences without Sacrificing Performance

WatchGuard Wi-Fi Use Cases


Discover WatchGuard's Wi-Fi 6 access points and how they benefit your evolving wireless needs. From personal devices to expansive enterprise networks, our Wi-Fi products deliver lightning-fast connectivity and secure WPA3 encryption to ensure your users are safe and productive.

Indoor – Low-Density Environments

A location can be classified as low density if it has a few clients connecting to an access point. The most common low-density environments are small offices, remote offices, and meeting rooms. These environments rarely support dozens of clients connecting at the same time.

Indoor – Medium-Density Environments

A medium-density environment is defined as comfortably supporting a variety of users connecting to the access point. Commercial retail or point of sale systems in retail, K-12 schools and offices are prime examples of medium-density environments. It's essential to consider the environmental variables that could impact a signal strength, such as water, bricks, concrete, or metal, which could affect the number of access points needed. It’s possible that a high-density access point would be better suited.

Indoor – High-Density

Large deployments to support the connectivity of hundreds or thousands of clients and various devices should be considered a high-density environment. Examples of high coverage-based deployments would be higher education campuses, large offices, convention centers, and hotels.

Outdoor and Rugged – High-Density

The architecture of an expansive deployment can include harsh or weathered settings. High-performance wireless access points are ideal for high-density environments to deliver a seamless wireless experience, no matter the conditions. Various outdoor and rugged high-density environments include manufacturing warehouses, industrial freezers, expansive corporate or education campuses, and everything in between. Less common use cases that WatchGuard's Wi-Fi access points currently support that are in this category include campgrounds, parking garages, and playfields.

Guest Wi-Fi and Marketing

With the rise of BYOD and IoT, wireless experiences have evolved into our everyday life. WatchGuard's solutions efficiently manage guest access by securing third-party content and delivering a simple clickthrough splash page within a customizable captive portal for a seamless connection. Appointment check-ins, survey tools, targeted promotions, and push notifications can be delivered without interrupting the wireless experience.

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