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WatchGuard Virtualized Security
fresh and innovative virtual security deployment options for businesses of all sizes

WatchGuard Virtualized Security

Organizations of all sizes are turning to virtualization to reduce costs and increase the efficiency, availability, and flexibility of their IT resources. But virtual environments cannot depend on physical infrastructure alone for protection. That's why WatchGuard has taken the unparalleled network security and advanced application and data protection of its physical appliances and made them available as virtualized solutions.

WatchGuard offers fresh and innovative virtual security deployment options for businesses of all sizes, from small offices to large businesses and service providers.

And like all WatchGuard products, affordability, ease of use and strong support are integral to the virtualized solution package, whether you choose our XTMv or XCSv virtual product lines.

Securing Your Virtualized World:

WatchGuard XTMv

WatchGuard XTMv

Network Security for Virtualized infrastructure

Available Editions:

Start with high-performance next-generation firewall protection. Add rich protection including: Gateway Anti-Virus Onboard anti-spam Reputation Enabled Defense Intrusion Prevention WebBlocker spamBlocker . . .and more.

Make your employees more productive with Application Control, and your administrators more efficient with centralized management and reporting.

Bring all the power of WatchGuard XTM for your virtualized environment for:

  • Multi-tenancy for service providers and data centers
  • Per-application and per-department protection at the "internal edges"
  • Protection for consolidated branch servers

WatchGuard XCSv

WatchGuard XCSv

Content Security for Virtualized infrastructure

Available Editions:

Key deployments in virtual infrastructures include messaging and web applications.

Now you can protect them within the virtual environment with:

  • Anti-spam/virus/malware, Content filtering, Data loss prevention, Encryption, URL filtering, Web content filtering, Acceptable web usage, Traffic management

Leverage centralized management and reporting for administrative productivity, and clustering for increased performance and availability.

Bring content security into your virtualized environment for:

  • Multi-tenancy with customized control for email and security service providers
  • In-line protection for virtualized web and messaging in corporate data centers