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WatchGuard Pre-Configured Systems
Basic and Advanced Configurations

Firewall and VPN installation and configuration is no trivial task, even for seasoned network engineers. Forget spending hours reading the documentation - with this great service, firewall solutions are now truly plug-and-play. This is a very popular option for companies deploying WatchGuard® appliances to remote locations. Save yourself the time of configuring your WatchGuard® appliance by purchasing it pre-configured from

We offer two Pre-Configured system options:

1) Basic Configuration Includes:

2) Advanced Configuration Includes:

WatchGuard Products
WatchGuard Basic Configuration Phone Services
Basic Configuration Phone Support, Per Hour Rate
Our Price: $150.00
WatchGuard Basic Pre-Configuration Service
Basic Configuration (Any model WatchGuard)
Our Price: $150.00
WatchGuard Advanced Pre-Configuration Service
Advanced Configuration (Any model WatchGuard)
Our Price: $300.00

You will be required to complete a network information document which will be sent to you via email/fax after purchase of our Pre-Configuration Service. Please allow an additional 3-4 days for delivery of your WatchGuard appliance if you purchase it pre-configured.

Please note: We guarantee that our pre-configured WatchGuard units will arrive with the configuration you specify in the network information document. This guarantee does not cover warranty, technical support or custom installation/configuration of the unit once you receive it.

All post sales warranty and technical support issues must be handled directly through WatchGuard, Inc. Please see WatchGuard Support Services for more details.

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