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WatchGuard DNSWatchGO
DNS-Level Protection for Users on the Go

WatchGuard DNSWatchGO

DNSWatchGO is a Cloud-based service that provides domain-level protection, content filtering, and integrated security awareness training to keep your users safe when they travel outside of your secure network perimeter. When critical alerts are seen, WatchGuard’s team of security experts performs a tailored analysis of the potential threat, following up with an easy-to-understand accounting that includes detailed insights about the potential infection. When a user clicks a malicious link, DNSWatchGO automatically redirects them to a safe page and offers resources that reinforce security education.

Protection on the GO

WatchGuard DNSWatchGO provides defense and content filtering that protects users when they are outside of the network, without requiring a VPN. By monitoring outbound DNS requests and correlating this against our aggregated intelligence, DNSWatchGO stops endpoints from talking to malicious infrastructure. When a connection to a bad domain is attempted, the connection is blocked, and the malicious traffic is rerouted to DNSWatch servers for further investigation. Command and control callbacks, phishing attacks, and data exfiltration attempts are automatically blocked.

DNSWatchGO can also prevent your users from accessing inappropriate content. You can establish policies for your users based on 130 pre-defined blocking categories, and fine-tune access with the ability to establish and enforce policies by user or group.

Off-Network Visibility

As users move outside your network you lose visibility into their Internet activity, creating a significant blind spot in your security. With DNSWatchGO customers gain consolidated visibility of all on- and off-network devices protected, including the content that is filtered and any malicious websites visited. DNSWatchGO offers detailed information on the location of the endpoint, as well as the attacker, type of attack, and attacker goals without requiring you to comb through logs.

Immediate Security Awareness

Ninety percent of attacks begin with a successful phishing email that tricks users into clicking a link or downloading a file they shouldn’t. DNSWatchGO is the first security service to provide phishing protection and education wherever your users go. When an end user clicks on an email or link that DNSWatch has identified as a phishing attempt, they are redirected to a game that educates on the warning signs of a phishing attacks and gives the user an action to take, such as reporting the offending email or speaking with a member of your IT team.

Cloud-Based Management

As a 100% Cloud-based solution, DNSWatchGO is easy to deploy and manage, saving you time and money. There’s no hardware, and no need to update software manually. Devices deploy in minutes, quickly gaining visibility into Internet activity wherever your user goes. Centrally manage DNSWatch policies for all of your users on- and off-network.

Strong Security at Every Layer

Uniquely architected to be the industry’s smartest, fastest, and most effective network security products, WatchGuard solutions deliver in-depth defenses against advanced malware, ransomware, botnets, trojans, viruses, drive-by downloads, data loss, phishing and much more.

Key Features

Defend Against Phishing

90% of attacks start with a phish. It’s critical that IT admins and MSSPs have the right security in place to protect their end users from these phishing attacks. WatchGuard DNSWatchGO monitors and detects outbound DNS requests, blocking malicious ones and redirecting the user to a safe page. Included with Total Security Suite, DNSWatchGO adds yet another layer of protection for end users.

Education at the Time of Attack

Everyone knows you need to train employees about phishing - but how do you make sure they pay attention? Even the best trained employees will make a mistake, either in haste or with a super well-disguised phish. DNSWatchGO enables you to protect against the click and provide on-the-spot training to reinforce phishing awareness. By receiving instant education, the user is most likely to be receptive to the concepts.

Extend the Reach of Your Team

IT admins and MSSPs never need more work to do. Cloud-based DNSWatchGO extends the reach of your team without any additional work. Simply turn DNSWatchGO on and you will automatically start benefiting from additional phishing protection. Threats are blocked, education is reinforced, and attacks are analyzed without the need to hire additional staff.

How It Works

WatchGuard DNSWatchGO monitors outbound DNS requests, correlating them against an aggregated list of malicious sites. Requests that are determined to be malicious are blocked, redirecting the user to a safe site to reinforce their phishing training.

WatchGuard DNSWatchGO How It Works


Download the WatchGuard DNSWatchGO Datasheet (PDF).

Download the WatchGuard Phishing Solution Brief (PDF).


Pricing Notes:

WatchGuard Product
WatchGuard DNSWatchGO - 5 to 250 users
WatchGuard DNSWatchGO - 1 year - 5 to 250 users
Our Price: $36.00
WatchGuard DNSWatchGO - 3 years - 5 to 250 users
Our Price: $87.00
WatchGuard DNSWatchGO - 251 to 1000 users
WatchGuard DNSWatchGO - 1 year - 251 to 1000 users
Our Price: $29.00
WatchGuard DNSWatchGO - 3 years - 251 to 1000 users
Our Price: $69.00
WatchGuard DNSWatchGO - 1000+ users
WatchGuard DNSWatchGO - 1 year - 1000+ users
Our Price: $23.00
WatchGuard DNSWatchGO - 3 years - 1000+ users
Our Price: $56.00
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